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October 25, 2010

A Conversation with Rodney C. Williams, 2010 AIGA DC Fellow

Rodney C. Williams, advisory board member for the communication design program, was awarded the 2010 AIGA Fellowship from the AIGA DC Chapter on October 6.

Stepping into RCW Communication Design Inc.'s headquarters is almost like entering a Zen temple. The furniture in the conference room is clean and essential, with a sleek, black bookcase carrying all sort of design books and magazines on one side of the glass table, which faces another sleek, black bookcase neatly displaying samples of the company's design work. The ample glass window lets in plenty of natural light while soothing and uplifting classical music is playing in the background. Rodney C. Williams, President and Founder, is extremely approachable, laid back and friendly, as are his team members.

October 19, 2010

Get Inspired with... Bookstruction

Starting October 2010, our blog is hosting a "Get Inspired" feature in which we will more often than not be interviewing local artists and showcasing their work. Sometimes the work may not be strictly graphic design, but it will be in some way, shape or form related to it and will serve as wonderful inspiration for graphic designers and graphic design students.

Our first artist is DC-based Robin Delaloye from Bookstruction, who specializes in altered books and exhibited on October 2nd at Crafty Bastards (the DC arts and crafts fair sponsored by City Paper, Hello Craft and Etsy this year in its 7th edition) where she won second place by popular vote.