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November 25, 2009

Design Ignites Change

NOVA Studio has officially been accepted as a part of the Design Ignites Change program, which asks college and high school students to use creativity and design to address important social issues. Participants of this program work on projects to create messages to benefit and stimulate change throughout their communities.

November 17, 2009

Michael Osborne Talk

AIGA DC sponsored a talk by Michael Osborne tonight at the Charles Sumner School in DC.  Focused mainly on the steps leading towards the creation of Mr. Osborne's non-profit studio, Joey's Corner, the inspiring talk relayed to the audience of designers how Osborne has used his big heart and wonderful design skills to make a huge impact on the lives of others.

Michael Osborne's original studio, Michael Osborne Design, designs packaging for many food and beverage companies such as Jack Daniel's, Kettle Chips and Williams Sonoma. He has also had the privilege of designing a version of the famous "Love" stamps for the US Postal Service. He simultaneously runs the non-profit Joey's Corner out of the same office, bouncing back and forth between the two entities. While the studio consists of 8-10 designers, Joey's Corner consists of one designer, one intern, and Osborne himself as the driving force.

November 11, 2009


Having just had our form-up meeting several weeks ago, NOVA Studio is up and running! We officially have studio space in the Tyler Building on the Alexandria Campus and have our first client meetings with community entities this week. We have been divided up into three teams of two (one Senior Designer and one Designer per team) to take on projects and also have two Project Managers to take care of various other design tasks. Our creative directors are Lisa Hill and Angela Terry, experienced design instructors at Northern Virginia Community College.

Stay tuned for continuing updates, design info, and examples of work by our talented design students.